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Online Western Teachers

Minimum Requirements


  • A full degree (BA, BSc or above) is required by the Chinese Ministry of Education for all positions
  • TEFL certificate or professional teaching qualification preferred* (required for Special Projects)
  • And at least one year of teaching experience preferred* (required for Special Projects)

*'Preferred' implies that if you have all of the above, your application will be prioritized. We also value other academic pathways and transferable life skills.


  • Laptop or desktop PC ... the work cannot be performed on a tablet or phone
  • High-quality USB headset and webcam
  • Fixed-cable connection (Ethernet) of more than 5 Mbps download & upload (10 Mbps for Special Projects) (CLICK HERE to order Ethernet from Amazon)




  • Able to work in a quiet place with a suitable background - i.e. images relevant to English teaching
  • Clear speaking voice, with neutral accent
  • Energetic! Able to come across as lively, friendly and engaging on camera


Each month we select a small number of the very best applicants to work on Special Projects. These positions mostly involve teaching Group Classroom Broadcasts, but there is also some 1-on-1 and small group teaching involved. On average, Special Projects teachers earn $5 an hour more than General teachers.



1. CLICK HERE to download our CV Form OR DOWNLOAD from Google

2. Record a 30 - 40 second video introduction (see below for guide).

Send these 2 items together in a single email to - No cover letter needed

Video Introduction

Your video introduction will be shown to First Future's Partner Schools and their students, so it's important to make it appealing. You don't need to wear a headset for this. Wear bright colours, have an interesting background, use props such as toys, be lively in your use of body language, and most of all ... smile :-)

We are looking for teachers who are animated and engaging ... make sure that your video demonstrates this.

Your video should be around 30 - 40 seconds in length. Longer videos will be rejected.

The video on this page is an excellent example of the kind of thing we're looking for. Also, here is an example script. No need to follow it exactly ... It's just here as a guide.

Hello, [nice big wave and smile
My name is …. and I'm from ... I love to teach English and share my knowledge of western culture with young students. 
My degree is in … and I have also worked … (mention some of your work experience)
My hobbies are … (open up about this and say what you enjoy doing)  
I believe the most effective way to feel comfortable and confident with learning English is to enjoy having conversations with a teacher who guides students in lessons that are fun and interesting, with plenty of congratulations [display the “Thumbs-Up”] and corrections where necessary! 
I am friendly [big smile], motivated, funny [open hands up] and more importantly patient.
And I love to teach children! [another big smile with a pause] 
I hope and look forward to seeing you or your students [big smile], in one of my classes soon. 
Bye [keep smiling and give a nice wave]

!! Look at the camera ... eye contact !!

Example Intro Video