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Online Western Teachers

Minimum Requirements

- Degree (may be overlooked for strong applicants with CELTA or equivalent)
- 12 months' teaching experience or TEFL certificate (CLICK HERE if you're new to TEFL)
- Laptop or desktop PC ... the work cannot be performed on a tablet or phone
- High-quality USB headset and webcam
- Fixed cable internet connection of at least 3 Mbps download & 2 Mbps upload
- or Wi-Fi connection of at least 5 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload
- You must be able to work in a quiet place, with a clear, tidy background
- Clear speaking voice, with no strong regional accent
- Able to come across as lively and friendly on camera
- Happy to teach a mix of children, adults, 1-on-1 and group classes

Recruitment Update

At present, our recruitment priority is for native English-speaking teachers from North America, Britain and Australia. This is due to the demands of Chinese students / clients.

If you are South African, or a non-native English speaker, please be aware that we have a waiting list, as it takes longer to arrange projects. We don't wish to waste your time in completing the application, and suggest that you just email us to express your interest, and we will get back to you as soon as the current waiting list is clear.

Recruitment Procedure

1. Please email the following items to (no cover letter needed):

- Scan of your degree
- Scan of your TEFL certificate
- Your video introduction (SEE BELOW)
- Scan of your passport
Screenshot of your internet speed (CLICK HERE)

!! Please send everything in the same email !!

2. Have an informal chat with a member of our recruitment team, to answer your questions
3. Final interview with a member of our HR department
4. Complete our self-access training course, and pass a mock lesson
5. Start teaching immediately

Video Introduction

Your video introduction will be shown to our Partner Schools and their students, so it's important to make it appealing. You don't need to wear headphones for this. Wear bright colours, have an interesting background, use props such as toys, be lively in your use of body language, and most of all ... smile :-)

We are looking for teachers who are animated and engaging ... make sure that your video demonstrates this.

Your video should be around 30 - 40 seconds in length. Longer videos will be rejected.

Here is an example script. No need to follow it exactly ... It's just here as a guide.

Hello, [nice big wave and smile] 
My name is …. and I love to teach English and share my knowledge of western culture with young students. 
My degree is in … and I have also worked … (mention some of your work experience)
My hobbies are … (open up about this and say what you enjoy doing)  
I believe the most effective way to feel comfortable and confident with learning English is to enjoy having conversations with a teacher who guides students in lessons that are fun and interesting, with plenty of congratulations [display the “Thumbs-Up”] and corrections where necessary! 
I am friendly [big smile], motivated, funny [open hands up] and more importantly patient.
And I love to teach children! [another big smile with a pause] 
I hope and look forward to seeing you or your students [big smile], in one of my classes soon. 
Bye [keep smiling and give a nice wave]

!! Look at the camera ... eye contact !!

Contact Us

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