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Current Openings

FirstFutureJobs was formerly the main recruiter for the Chinese platform, First Future Education. Due to sweeping changes made by the Chinese Ministry of Education in July 2021, the latter company has ceased trading. These changes have forced the closure of all Chinese platforms and put thousands of online English teachers out of work.

To address this dire situation, we have taken a fresh approach to help teachers move forward into a brighter future ...

Online English Teaching
The days of making easy money teaching live sessions on large platforms are over! The Chinese sector was the main emloyer of foreign online teachers, but this has been outlawed. There is some work on platforms in other countries, however recruitment is highly-competitive and the rate of pay is very low (less than $10/hour).

Executive Business Coaches
We are currently recruiting Online Business Coaches for a global media group. The role involves coaching executive clients in cross-cultural business communications. Business Coaches need to be able to ‘talk shop’ at a professional level with executives and managers.

Business English Trainers (Online)
ASEAN Business English is an online school founded with the aim of addressing the specific needs of Business English learners from the member nations of ASEAN – the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Our learning community is spread across the 10 member nations (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) and we have a following of around 45,000 people. The project exists to support graduates of DigiTEFL’s courses in Teaching Business English (DigiTEFL Cert. IBET) and Online Course Delivery. We are not interested in employing teachers, but in supporting our community members in establishing themselves as independent, freelance practitioners.

Start your very own Online School (Freelance)
Moodle Course Design is designed for teachers and trainers from any field who wish to design and deliver their own online courses, using the Moodle virtual learning environment (VLE). Your Moodle page will be hosted free-of-charge for 3 months. The ideal aim is that you will create your first course with our assistance during the training, then will have time to give it a pilot run with your own learners. A fully supported pilot run of your course is included in the package.

Forget about live sessions ... learn to design & deliver entire online courses
Online Course Delivery is designed for teachers and trainers in any field who wish to develop their career in online education. It covers the essentials of moderating a virtual learning environment (VLE), content design, how to effectively balance self-access content with live sessions, the facilitation of learner-centred knowledge construction, and assessment. If you think ‘teaching online’ just means live lessons in a virtual classroom, then get ready to think again!

Skills you will learn

  • Working with virtual learning environments (i.e. Moodle)
  • Encouraging participation in online courses
  • Dealing with learner issues
  • How eLearning can be better than face-to-face training
  • How to effectively balance synchronous and asynchronous tasks
  • The importance of socialisation in online education
  • Engaging and motivating online learners
  • Creating tasks for different learner types
  • Essential elements of multimedia design
  • How to create powerful presentations for live online sessions
  • The keys to teaching in a virtual classroom
  • How to productively moderate online forum discussions
  • Creating and sourcing content for asynchronous courses
  • The psychology of online learning
  • The crucial components of instructional design
  • Effective assessment in the online world



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